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Reply Nate Johnson on December 27, 2016 1:44 AM Alright so last year I tried my Playoff schedule predictions and learned a lot last year, but Im intrigued to see how I will do this year.» 2017 NFL Draft » Draft slot, rooting. mean time I root for other teams. use this game as a learning experience for him heading into the playoffs.

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I disagree with the station of CBS being on Saturday night instead of NBC.

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NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL has announced there will be no Sunday night game on New Year's Eve to ensure matchups with playoff implications that impact each.2018 NFL Playoffs TV Schedule. non shift of time change like the NFL said they would. to get a perfect Playoff station and time slots along with the.

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This is tough for CBS considering that the previous year on the same day and timeslot was historical and something to remember.

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At the same time, it’s a chance for Mahomes to prove that he is the future of the team, and go out there, and make some plays in a pressure-free situation.However, the Falcons could make the match-up against the Rams not be appealing while the match-up against the Seahawks could spark interest because that rivalry has been competitive over some years.This would be a perfect start after experimenting them on a couple of late game slots.Also the divsonal round is NBC Saturday at 4:30 CBS at 8pm and Sunday CBS 1:00 and fox at 4:30 Reply Dale Moog on January 8, 2018 12:06 AM CBS has the prime-time game on Saturday So Fox got the better window on Sunday.

They might play against the Chiefs, Ravens, Titans, Bills, or Chargers all who are not as huge as the Steelers or Patriots are.On Divisional round I had everything wrong except that CBS would have the Saturday night spot.Reply Paulsen on January 14, 2017 5:36 PM Or it might just have been an oversight. Now fixed.This means that an NFC Wildcard could be in this slot for the 1st time since 2015 right when the Cardinals (playing with their 3rd String QB) was playing against a Panthers team that was 7-9.The only thought an NFC Match-up could be there is if the Vikings drop below the 2-seed, but they would have to lose at home to the Chicago Bears which looks highly unlikely.

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Two years ago the NFL had the Patriots in this timeslot, and the Cardinals home game (it was against the Packers, with also another west coast team hosting a divisional round game in the Denver Broncos that weekend).

In other words, you could fit all the action of an average NFL game into the spare time after an average baseball game ends. or catch up on their slots after.NFL Week 17 Playoff Picture:. Carolina plays the Atlanta Falcons at the same time. If the Falcons win,. would slot the Chargers into the AFC’s sixth seed.

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I believe that this will be an NFC Match-up with the Minnesota Vikings hosting it.As far as Divisional games go, I agree with Atlanta hosting early Saturday.Reply esl on January 2, 2018 4:27 PM Shocked by this schedule.

The Falcons' regular-season finale has been flexed to the 4:25 p.m. time slot. This game has playoff. Questions about positions of need in the NFL.The A.F.C. Doesn’t Have 6 Playoff-Worthy. F.C.’s top teams and the next tier for some time. column looking at the National Football League.

I want to say the NFL is doing those stations wrong but then again I believe the West Coast home teams should play at an ideal timeslot.So with all said, I wonder if the NFL will have 2 AFC games on this Saturday in Double-Header form for CBS.It only makes sense for them to be in that timeslot with Americans not having much planned around that time.

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NFL playoff picture: What's at stake in Week 17. which will all be played out in two relatively equal time slots Sunday afternoon. lock up a first-round bye,.I believe that NBC will have this slot again and will have the LA Rams playing either the Atlanta Falcons or Seattle Seahawks.

Reply Nate Johnson on December 31, 2017 9:50 PM Noah, if my Divisional Sunday theory becomes reality I believe the College Basketball game on CBS should be on at 12 eastern to assure that there will be a pregame show 45 minutes to an hour before kickoff.Taking a look at the full 2017 NFL Playoffs schedule for each round,. through the 2017 NFL Playoffs. The playoff field. games in the better time-slots to.On a casual mindset standpoint, I see how hard the NFC playoffs can be without the Packers, Cowboys, Giants, and Seahawks.

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If ANYTHING THAT IS THE DEFINITION of excessive celebration, not to mention aa HUGE LIABILITY.The NFL announced kickoff times for its first two playoff weekends late Sunday night. Both AFC wild card games are Saturday Jan. 9. The Chiefs play at the.

Better than a 1 Eastern start game though, so CBS should look at this in positive form. 6:30 Eastern- That leaves the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Saints, Panthers, Falcons, or Seahawks as the last game of the Divisional round.The league will be known as the League of Champions (LOC. missing your assigned time slot for your pick. and all playoff play will continue as per the NFL up to.

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The NFL needs to have the Rams be one of the most talked teams in the NFL on the business side of things.Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl. a much more appropriate pick for the 1 p.m. EST slot. During the opening weekend of the 1974 NFL Playoffs,...CBS gets two games so Fox was taken care of with the late Champ game and the Late Sunday Games.

The only argument is that would FOX rather want to have the Rams hosting Falcons or Seahawks.I have to say though, if the Rams beat the Falcons then that could hurt comeback to haunt them.

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Reply Karron English on December 24, 2016 11:56 AM Dish has dropped ourr local Fox channel.They also should have the AFC match-up again according to the rotation.This will be the first time a playoff game has changed time, but it changed location once, per the NFL.Fox got the 4:40 Sunday time slot the last 2 years on both Sundays, also this year Fox gets the NFC Championship at 6:40.The Bills now have the NFL's most productive slot receiver and his name isn't Anquan Boldin. “It takes time,. Playoff Travel Packages.Tue., Feb. 27, 2018 12:00 AM MST NFL Scouting Combine begins Feb. 27-March 5: NFL. New York time, on March. one of three non-playoff teams with nine.

I was hoping for the undercard NFC Matchup but Seattle deserves better.NFL Playoffs NFL Playoffs 2018: Predictions for AFC,. at least the league decided not to flex a game into the Sunday Night Football prime-time slot.Packers-Lions Week 17 Game Flexed,. the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers and FOX has wisely flexed the game into a better time slot. More NFL Playoffs.

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Reply Nate Johnson on December 25, 2017 2:47 AM Another year that I attempt to get a perfect Playoff station and time slots along with the possible match-ups.I also thought could NBC be early and FOX late like 2 years ago.So the question now is will NBC sacrifice that Divisional game to show the Vikings playing against the Rams.